simon woodhouse

A random insight into the origins of some of Simon’s dishes. Using ingredients that are fresh and to hand is the cheapest, easiest and most exciting way of cooking. Like the times he’s barbequed sea bass, having caught it off the back of his boat and added some choice sprigs of rosemary from a bush at his local airport to flavour it.

Discovering Pinchitos in Glasgow

As Brand Ambassador for The Co-operative I travel around the country, meeting all sorts of people and collecting some great recipes along the way.

Whilst cooking in a 'lively' area of Glasgow, a group of school boys came into the store and I braced myself for some backchat and general abuse. But to my surprise they were genuinely interested in what I was cooking and one boy, knee high to the barriers, piped up in a strong Glaswegian accent, "Do you know what pinchitos are?".

On admitting that I didn’t he promptly called his mum and handed me the phone. Mum and son returned the next day, I cooked pinchitos for them and received the highest compliment a chef can receive: "they’re nae bad" which actually means quite good!

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